The lifestyle management system developed within the PAL project is able to record input data from a large amount and variety of sensors, as shown in this picture:


While the whole recording platform is not (yet) widely available, some essential parts are, such as the AIRS phone sensing platform as well as a Java-based software program that allows for parsing the input files provided by AIRS (once saved onto a computer) and saving the data into a MySQL database for further processing.

The AIRS platform runs on any Android-based phone and allows for selecting, configuring and recording a vast amount of sensors. Detailed information about the sensing platform, including how it can be obtained and used, can be found here.

UPDATE (March 2013): Based on the work performed in PAL on lifestyle management platforms (MyRoR) we released another Android app, called Storica, that provides various types of information processing and visualisations for the AIRS platform.